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1996 Live Track on Archive.org

Here’s a blast from the past, but Archive.org has a live song from a show I did at Garrett Theater at St. Bonneventure University in 1996. I could have sworn it was 97, but my memory is usually faulty. Anyhow, this is an early version of my song, “It Happened On Sunday,” which is one of the first songs I ever wrote, but one I’ve changed the musical styling of many times.  This version was the way I used to play it with fellow guitar man Erik Swartz, who is uncredited for his performance here. He popped in and out throughout that concert with me.  I remember that show, it scared the heck out me. I’d never done a solo theater performance before.  I was used to bar rooms where people barely take notice of you.

Anyhow… Here’s the track from nearly 20 years ago at St. Bonneventure.