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Another Gem From That Same Year

From September 2003, a letter to the editor, addressed to me while I was at the WORD:

“Dear Editor,
As a regular reader of your anti-American communist hippie rag, I suppose that of all the literate public, the readers of the WORD are in the most dire need of a political enema. Normally, I send my rantings to the Observer or the Post-Journal, but its time to listen up all you left wing Saddamizers, I’m talking to you!
It never ceases to amaze me how far civil libertarians like the ACLU (stands for Anti-American Communist Losers United) will go in their efforts to make our Forefathers spin in their graves. Most recently, they’re spinning like windmills over the ACLU’s attempt to get a monument for the Ten Commandments removed from an Alabama Courthouse.
As any school child should know (unless their parents are Susan Sarandon or Richard Gere), God fearing Christians founded this country so that their children’s children’s children could grow up in a God fearing Nation. That’s why the name of God is stamped on our money where Americans are most likely to encounter it on any given day. If you look at the Constitution, it says right there that we are “one Nation, under God.” It also says “all Men are created equal,” which should tell you something (i.e. that women were never intended to have rights) but that’s another story.
Our whole legal system is based on “swearing to tell the truth, so help you God.” Well, I am here to tell you all the truth. And the truth is that we are the most powerful country in the world today because of the piety of our forefathers. I’m so sick of hearing people say that the Indians were killed off by European diseases and guns. If they hadn’t been a bunch of Heathens to begin with, God would not have seen fit to sweep them aside in favor of a more Righteous People. It’s the same with slavery. Heathen Africans were brought over here and made to toil in bondage because God knew it was the only way those people would ever come to know His Word. And it was only after the vast majority of them accepted Christ as their personal Savior that God allowed them to be free and sit on busses with white people.
Fast forward to today. More than ever, we are in desperate need of moral guidance. This hubbub over the Ten Commandments is just one more example of people turning their backs to God in this country. Instead of pointing the finger at our Great President for continued economic problems and the worsening situation in Iraq, whining liberals should look at their own blasphemous behavior. The sins of the left are even starting to overflow their communist toilet bowl and splash onto regular folks. We’ve got people smoking “medicinal marijuana” in California and a bunch of homosexuals redecorating the homes of American families on TV. With sinning like this, is it any wonder we haven’t found those weapons of mass destruction Iraq? George Bush is doing the best he can with a bad situation (and I don’t mean dyslexia), but when God shows his disfavor, little can be done to avert the trouble.
While we must keep fighting Evil, the war on terror will never be won as long as we the people deny our Christian heritage. Ignorant fools who cry for separation of Church and State fail to see that our Forefathers put that “separation” thing in there to prevent the State from endorsing one church, like the Protestant church, over another church, like the Catholic Church. Religious freedom means you have the right to attend any Christian church of your choosing, and I guess technically the Jews can do their own thing, not that it will do them any good on judgment day.
It’s time for all you liberal cry babies out there to shape up or ship out to China. I suggest you have a great big bon fire. You can throw in your Janine Garafolo fan club memberships, your U2 albums, your recycled Birkenstocks and your dope stash. Then fall on your knees and beg for God’s forgiveness. Otherwise, it could be your mother that gets blown up in the next terrorist attack.
George O. Peterson

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