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Still digging through old issues of the WORD, updating my clips file for the first time in 8 years. I’m into year 2 of the publication now, and found this gem of a letter to the editor from my old friend Mac Dawson. I actually really needed a pick me up today, and this did the trick:

Dear Salamone,

In your last issue you proclaimed to the public your hypocrisy by announcing the differences between what you believe and what you do. You don’t really care for the environment, corporate media has your attention, you love cartoons, and you didn’t finish your big chili resolution. So what?
We all believe that “All you need is love,” but we’re pretty damn quick to flip the bird from behind the wheel. We all like to think we’re pretty honest people, but then we say things like “No, honey. You don’t look fat,” and “size doesn’t really matter.” The only ones who actually do everything they believe are priests and prostitutes.
Take comfort in the fact that the only person you were in it for was yourself. As I remember you did it for a laugh. It was a chili-only diet man! Sounds to me if you were expecting anything more than a whole lot of shit to come out of it, you might have been a little mistaken.
Here’s the real deal; in your previous rant you expressed regret for your double standards. However, you also expressed honesty, humility, and genuine concern. Three traits not often found in a political leader. I’ve always thought that intentions are the only way to honestly judge actions, and your biggest intentions have thus far been very honorable.
You’ve proved to a community that assumed it was, for the most part, void of the arts, that’s it’s almost anything but. You’ve showcased local talent that might otherwise not have an outlet (sure, there might be another art focused paper, but you use a spell check, and that makes a difference.) And if nothing else, you’ve always thrown a hell of a party. Sounds like a pretty solid community leader to me.
In short, do us a favor and don’t whine about how you can’t be motivated to make a difference. Bull! You already have made a difference. Because you get the WORD out, this county now has a reliable source of intelligent, honest, uncensored, ballsy, and (thanks to Elvis and Hairy Peters) funny paper to inform us about the community that a lot of us didn’t know we had.
We are grateful that you are so committed to your contribution, and assured that there is some cool stuff in the Lamestown/Jamestoon area. Thank you.
I like the idea of you running for a political office. It makes a lot of sense. You’re confident, smart, and morally conscious. I’m not saying do it now. I’m not even saying do it soon. I’m simply saying do it!

Mac Dawson

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