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Uh oh. I have a new album in the works.

I’ve recorded about 20 new songs since releasing “Heroes & Villains” a little under a year ago.  And I’ve several out there in(gimme some mo')

JFK Assasination Music-Video Mix-Tape

I wasn’t alive 50 years ago today, so all of my feelings about today’s anniversary of JFK’s assassination are born from books, TV specials(gimme some mo')

2012 Sala-SOTU

Since I was a little too young to achieve my boyhood dream of being a writer for Johnny Carson, I’ve been using Twitter these last few years to make as(gimme some mo')

Eff You, New 52

Full disclosure, I’ve been dreading the DC comics relaunch since it was announced.  Superman, Green Arrow and Martian Manhunter are three of my favorite(gimme some mo')

5 Royal Wedding jokes from Michael Salamone

If forced into a conversation about the Royal Wedding, I will default to one of the following five jokes. These are my clutch Willy and Kate zingers. Since(gimme some mo')

I read 25 comic books this week

The best: Scarlet #5, American Vampire #13, Dollhouse Epitaphs Scarlet’s revolution goes big-time and gets some unlikely supporters. The history of(gimme some mo')

my week as escaped through comic books

This week I read nine comic books: Astonishing X-Men 36, Fantastic Four 1, Green Lantern 64, Justice League of America 55, Justice League Generations Lost 22(gimme some mo')

let’s talk comics

OK, maybe this is turning into a comic book blog. Maybe I’m censoring myself on ranting about everything going on in the world. But I do enjoy(gimme some mo')

my week in comics

The Outsiders 37: This team was better when Batman gave a shit about them. Now Amanda Waller is blackmailing half of them, and the other half are nearly(gimme some mo')

comic books read this week

Heroes for Hire 4: Misty Knight takes control of her life. Or does she? She’s one bad… Shut your mouth. Weak issue of an otherwise great reboot. C(gimme some mo')

Comics I read this week

Since the beginning of the year, I’ve been reviewing all of the comics I read each week on my Tumblr. Since Tumblr is so unreliable as to if it will be(gimme some mo')

Altered States of the Union

Last year I began what I hope will be an annual tradition, of making Johnny Carson one-liner style jokes about the State of the Union, first on Twitter, and(gimme some mo')

Dear Superman

I’m THAT nerd. I just wrote a letter to Superman comics. DC is bringing back the fan letters page, and I’ve really been disappointed in the last(gimme some mo')

a late night rant about love

Anxiety issues have had me sleeping very little, and tonight is a prime example. An internet friend just asked how to know if you know if you’re in love(gimme some mo')


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