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5 Comics That Started the New Year Right

As most of you know, I read a lot of comics and graphic novels. It’s not unusual for me to go through 20-50 in a week, depending on how much trouble(gimme some mo')

Single Moms Are Super Heroes

I think all single moms are heroes, but I think this woman is a super hero. And as you all know, I love super heroes. You know that Ted Williams “golden(gimme some mo')

Listing the Year Away: TV is Bad for You

TV is will rot your brain, and these are the ten shows in 2010 that made brain rot awesome. The Daily ShowBored to DeathModern FamilyNo Ordinary(gimme some mo')

I’m a True Believer

Happy 88th birthday to Stan “the man” Lee, a true icon and hero. Stan grew up in NYC living in a 1 bedroom apartment with his parents and brother(gimme some mo')

Superhero Obituaries

it seems that today, CNN and bloggers are all talking about how a member of the Fantastic Four will be killed this month. As someone who reads four or five(gimme some mo')

The 12 Days of Vader-Mas

I did a little experiment on Facebook over the last 12 days, parodying the 12 Days of Christmas with random pictures of Darth Vader that I found online. I(gimme some mo')

You can judge this book by it’s cover.

Above is the cover to the latest issue of Superman comics. The crappy artwork almost sums up what is inside. No, Superman doesn’t become a vampire, who(gimme some mo')

Sometimes I Lose Myself In the Funny Pages

Since my post last week about my favorite female characters in comic books, I’ve been asked for suggestions on good comics to pick up these days quite a(gimme some mo')

Women Who Kick Ass (mostly)

I was reading Kelly Thompson’s “Comics Should Be Good” anniversary blog for Comic Book Resources this morning, where she lists her 20(gimme some mo')


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