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When a Buffalo Roams Into a Donkey Show

This is a piece I wrote for Artvoice that they didn’t have room for due to their fall program guide special issue. I would have adapted it for the WORD(gimme some mo')

Barack to the Future

Above is the scene as I approached security for Thursday’s speech by Obama at Mile High Stadium. Note: It’s actually called InvestCo Field now, but(gimme some mo')

Park Bench Interview

Norman Clark served in Vietnam as a pilot, before returning home to Denver to work in the airline industry. Now retired, I found him sitting on a park bench(gimme some mo')

Quick note about what to expect

It’s day 3 of the Democratic National Convention in Denver, and today will be a very busy one. I’ll try to get another update on the protests(gimme some mo')

Post Game report

Clinton did indeed rise to the occasion of her party, by outlining to her supporters that this is not about Hillary Clinton, it’s about the issues—(gimme some mo')

Pre Game Mellow

I thought I should put a little pre-game commentary down before the big Hillary Clinton speech tonight. Depending on who you ask, you’ll get a different(gimme some mo')

Rolling large in the Mile High

I always had a knack for getting VIP treatment in this city, but I’ve been away a long time. I never expected as much access as I’ve been given(gimme some mo')

and the pepper spray goes to

I guess that I was covering protests too early in the day… While I was out hobnobbing at the parties surrounding the DNC, a group of protesters stormed(gimme some mo')

Afternoon of Subdued Mayhem

I went looking for trouble this afternoon. With the early part of the day seeming a little strange, I started playing reporter, stopping activists, protesters(gimme some mo')

Don’t believe the hype

With the Pepsi Center being sort of stuffy, I’ve been wandering around downtown looking for a meatier story to pass on to you. Pictured you will see the(gimme some mo')


The big buzz around here today is how overblown FOX News and other Cable reports made protesters look. There’s some speculation that the FOX clip of a(gimme some mo')

DNC Sunday Fun

Sunday at the DNC:An itinerary to rememberwith the photos that prove it.(click for more) Hillary announced she was releasing all of her delegates to Obama, so(gimme some mo')

the WORD goes Gonzo

We’re getting ready to take our newspaper to the Democratic National Convention in Denver. I leave for the airport shortly. This is a new area for our(gimme some mo')


Color me unimpressed with the new Batman movie. I know. I know. Everyone ELSE on the planet thinks it’s the greatest thing since talkies hit the silver(gimme some mo')


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