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comic books read this week

Heroes for Hire 4: Misty Knight takes control of her life. Or does she? She’s one bad… Shut your mouth. Weak issue of an otherwise great reboot. C-

Brightest Day 21: One of my favorite heroes, Martian Manhunter, is given another shot at being alive, only to have it ripped away. You know like he did to Aquaman last issue and Hawkman the issue before. Why do I keep reading this series in which Geoff Johns sets out to destroy the DC universe? Why does DC keep giving him work? F

Green Lantern 63: We get it, already. Geoff Johns thinks the Green Lanterns are really evil and that the other emotions are better. Jeesh. Thanks for ruining another great classic hero, Johns. F

Wolverine, the Best there is 4: Great series about a bunch of other jerks with healing factos messing with Wolvie. Abusing Wolvie. Torturing Wolvie. A

Secret Warriors 24: This series has Nick Fury at his finest, playing chess against the entire universe. Interesting issue. Did Nick risk his son to take down his enemies, or is this all part of the plan? A

Dollhouse Epitaphs: Yes. Thank you. I love how comic books continue the Whedonverse even after shows are canceled. I hope there are LOTS more comics from Dollhouse to come. A+

Secret Six 31: This comic has it all for me: bad guys acting cheesy, Scandal Savage and Black Alice. Oh, and there’s literal hell to pay. A

Secret Avengers 10: This is an odd book, with an odd team, and odd stories that dig deep in the Marvel universe, especially the Captain America and Nick Fury timelines. That’s what makes it great. A-

X-23 #6: I’m really not sure what happened this issue. Somebody is possessed by Mr. Sinister. That’s bad news. X-23 is still wondering if she has a soul. So am I. Not as good as the first 3 issues. Not even as good as the last 2, which weren’t that good. D

Daken – Dark Wolverine 6: Daken is an evil genius or something and he’s sneaky. Yeah. Wow. Boring. D

Chew 17: Tony’s daughter, school violence, aliens, cyborgs and vampires? This book keeps getting more and more twisted. I love it. A

Spike 4: When Spike happens into Vegas, demons get slayed in Vegas. And he finds his old flame. And his old enemies. And some new ones. B+

Spike 5: Willow shows up to help Spike fight some mysterious supernatural serial killer who wants Spike’s soul. B

Angel 41: Angel is in the future, while in the past his son is in charge trying to change the future, because the other angel, isn’t really an angel, but a demon from the beginning of time. Confused? Me too. D

Angel 42: I normally really like the Angel comic books, but this is all getting too confusing, with two timelines and characters nobody gives a crap about. F

Illyria – Haunted 3: Illyria wants to find herself, so she goes to some ancient well and accidentally frees a demon that looks like the devil himself. D

Sweet Tooth 19: I’ve never really understood this series, but I still love every last panel of it. This issue focuses on the backstories of the ladies. C-

Wolverine & Hercules – Myths, Monsters & Mutants: Two drinking buddies who like to brawl get drawn into the ultimate revenge scheme. I like where this is going. A+

True Blood – Tainted Love 1: Good first issue. Much better than the last True Blood comic book attempt. Seems in line with the show too. B+

Wolverine 1000: 74 pages of Wolvie short stories. All but one are good, bub. But the rest, are the best there is. A+

The Li’l Depressed Boy 01: I have a new favorite comic book. At least this issue. What a sweet story, about a rag-doll who is just like me. I hope the rest of the series is this endearing. A+

True Grit – Mean Business 01: This is a comic adaptation of a chapter of the novel done in the style of the Cohen Brothers movie adaptation. It’s black and white, but still quite colorful. B+

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