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Comics I read this week

Since the beginning of the year, I’ve been reviewing all of the comics I read each week on my Tumblr. Since Tumblr is so unreliable as to if it will be up and running, I’m moving this weekly feature to my regular blog. Besides, you all seem to like it when I talk comics here.

Green Arrow 9: All hell is breaking loose in the Forrest, literally. Galahad sacrifices himself. (Who?) Poison Ivy is attacked by zombie plants! The Phantom Stranger stops by. Green Arrow makes some jokes so we remember it’s his book. C

Morning Glories 7: I wish I hadn’t started this series at issue 1. I wish I’d waited for graphic novels. I hate waiting a whole month for the next issue. Still one of the best comics of all time. It just gets sexier and more intriguing. And more violent. A+

Avengers 10: Worst artwork I’ve ever seen in a major label comic book. And in a story which is part of a major event for the Marvel Universe to boot. There’s a good scene where Mar’vel Boy learns sarcasm from Spidey though. D

Who Is Jake Ellis 2: It’s amazing that a second issue can leave me as on the edge of the seat as a first, and wanting more as soon as I can get it. This Sci-Fi spy story is just starting to unravel and I’m already hooked. A

Action Comics 898: Lex Luthor is more insane than the most insane creature in the current DC Universe. And his creepy Lois Lane robot actually works for Braniac. Is the best Superman comic going on right now the one without Superman? B

Captain America 615: Captain America is guilty of treason! But, hey, it’s all good. I mean, the Red Skull’s daughter just blew a whole in the Statue of Liberty and Russia’s pissed. That’s what you get when you let a sidekick do a hero’s work. D

Fantastic Four 588: We get a funeral for Johnny Storm, a 3 way between the Hulk, the Thing and Thor, the return of Nate Richards, a glimpse into Val’s dark side and a tear jerker from SpiderMan. All with hardly any words. A+

Gotham City Sirens 20: Harley Quinn sets out to murder the Joker, and it’s not fun and games. C+

Hulk 30: Impossible Man is in this comic book, so it isn’t as bad as most issues of Hulk lately. But Impy isn’t as funny as usual, so it’s still pretty bad. D

Incredible Hulks 623: The Hulk’s most annoying sidekick, Miek, is bigger, bad and back. Yawn.

Justice League Generation Lost 20: It’s a Max Lord origin story, just in case you’ve never read a Justice League comic book in the last 20 years. F

Namor 7: The King of Atlantis is in hell, but his buddies come to his recue. Buddies like Dr. Doom. It’s no Wolverine in hell. It’s a fish out of water story. D

Penny For Your Soul 4: I wonder if this comic book weren’t so sacrilegious, if I’d have an easier time finding it. Of course, it’s the blasphemy of the book that I love. The Granddaughter of the devil and her lesbian lover Mary Magdalen are buying souls, and that’s pissed of Lucifer and Jesus alike. Enter the end of days to settle it all! A+

X-Men 8: Spiderman and his Amazing Friends in a story totally as cheesy as the 80s cartoon. D

X-Men Legacy 245: Ugh. Another alternate time line where the X-Men don’t exist and mutants are being hunted. Blah Blah Blah. F

DC Universe Legacies 9: the oral history of the DCU, told by a former Metropolis police officer continues into the worst stories of the late 90s. D

Amazing Spiderman 655: Really, Marvel? Two mostly silent funeral issues in one week? This one features Spidey apparently tripping on acid though. F

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