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Dear Superman, Give Me My Dream Job

DC has announced that J. Michael Straczynski will be stepping down as writer for Superman comics, as well as Wonder Woman.

Personally, I really enjoyed what JMS was doing with the hugely unpopular “grounded” storyline in Superman comics. It reminded me of the classic O’Neil/Adams Green Arrow & Green Lantern run that got me into comic books in the first place. It was over at Wonder Woman that Straczynski was ruining a beloved character. Doesn’t this guy know anything about women? You can’t put her in a shitty outfit and berate her childhood without expecting all hell to break loose.

Nonetheless, I understand that Superman will need a new writer. THIS is my dream job. The only thing I can really be considered an expert in is the Superman mythos. My favorite hobby is reading comic books. At one point I was a professional writer. I feel qualified, and ready. I’d even move back to NY if needed to be a part of the DC team.

Frankly, DC, I think you need me. The New Krypton storyline pissed a lot of people off. Grounded would have worked if we hadn’t already spent a year wondering why DC was ruining Superman. You need a long-time fan to keep Supes anchored in Metropolis with his familiar cast of characters for a bit. Give the people what they want! We want to see Clark v. Lex. It’s been forever since their rivalry has had any meat in the DCU. And now you have Lex with a creepy Lois robot assistant slash lover? Clearly this would upset Clark upon SOME level.

In MY Superman book, there would be lots of Lois, Jimmy and Lex. Fuck it. I’d get Krypto up in this shit. We need some classic Superman. I want to see a morally corrupt Lex Luthor who makes me cringe and a morally superior Kal-El who reminds me about absolute goodness. In MY Superman book, I’d paint that dichotomy as a thin line, but throw nod after nod to the classic Superman mythos storylines.

So, come one, DC. Take a shot on a small town kid living in a strange city who only wears glasses to change up his look. I just want to do something super and save the day.

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