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Dear Superman

I’m THAT nerd. I just wrote a letter to Superman comics. DC is bringing back the fan letters page, and I’ve really been disappointed in the last two issues. In fear of it never getting printed, I figured, “Hey, this is why I have a blog.”

To the good folks at the DCU,

I understand that JMS’s run writing Superman wasn’t a popular one. I myself lost interest in New Krypton pretty quickly. However, the last two issues have been troubling me more than any others in my 3 decades of reading Superman comics.

First in what I think we should all call, “Perry White vs. the Hipsters,” Superman only makes an appearance to basically threaten to take out a hipster for Perry. In the most recent issue, Superman threatens his wife, if she doesn’t listen to him and bury a news story with social conscience.

The walk-about was supposed to help Kal get in better touch with day to day America. In the two issues since JMS’s departure, we’ve seen the opposite. We’ve seen a Superman quick to judge and threaten people. There doesn’t seem to be any red Kryptonite anywhere. Supes is being taken further away from his place as the moral center of the DCU. So far, these have been the worst two issues of Superman in 30 years, and yes, I’m counting the Qwik Bunny team-up.

I know I speak for the friends I talk about Superman with when I say that we’d love to see some classic Superman vs. Lex moral showdowns, especially after Superman’s year off planet and all of the 52 drama just before that. Please dive into the characters. Please paint us stories of good versus evil. And please pit Superman versus Lex again.

Please save Superman comics. It’s been too many years now that the moral center of the DCU has been mistreated. The world needs Superman, now more than ever.

With great respect,
Michael Salamone