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Doctor Strange 2016

I had posted on my Facebook page for this website earlier in the year that if we broke a million visitors to this website by year end, I’d try to say thanks somehow. I doubt this is adequate, but I’m so excited about the photos of Benedict Cumberbatch as Doctor Strange for the upcoming Marvel movie; I decided to remix and remaster my song about Doctor Strange and give it away. Besides, it’s year-end and my birthday, and we usually give away mp3s around here for that. I’m pinging the podcast subscribers because I believe it’s the podcast listeners who brought michaelsalamone.com so much traffic this year, and hopefully they won’t mind a little musical interlude. Thank you all for supporting the random stuff I post to the interwebs. I’m so very grateful for your friendship. Cheers.

((free download removed, but available anywhere mp3s are sold))


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