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Don’t believe the hype

With the Pepsi Center being sort of stuffy, I’ve been wandering around downtown looking for a meatier story to pass on to you.

Pictured you will see the only McCain protesters I’ve seen. They were walking around the 16th Street mall. They were pretty nice, mostly young folks, about 15 people strong.

After seeing this group, I decided to check in at civic center park, where the protest movements are using as home base. What I found wasn’t at all what everyone said I should expect.

Again, it was orderly. There were some information booths. Speakers were talking about war crimes committed by the Bush Administration, especially secret prisons. There was an art installation of a Mosque built from photography of Muslim Americans that was quite beautiful. I took photos, but will have to upload those later because there were so many.

What I’d like to use this particular post to talk about is how nice the people of Denver are. When I lived here I used to comment how it’s the only city I’ve ever felt comfortable looking strangers in the eye and saying hello while passing on the street. They’re wonderful hosts. A guy at the coffee shop, which charges for internet, hooked me up with his account with them so I could post this, and everywhere I’ve been today, Denverites have shown the same spirit of hospitality.

I’m going to go try and find the Google press area next, as well as wherever Keith Olbermann is handing out these great hand fans I keep seeing. The WORD’s former film critic, and present day Stars movie network bigshot Brian Rovegno is getting me into some event Ben Affleck and Matt Damon are throwing shortly as well. Tonight we’ll go to the Trojan Condoms/Rolling Stone magazine party and the party thrown by the liquor lobby.

I just heard Oprah’s in the neighborhood. I better go tell her how much my mother loves her.

  • Michael,
    Thank you for keeping us posted on things. I’m pretty excited that the WORD has been credentialed to attend and look forward to your honest and humorous coverage of the DNC. Not sure if you’re going to get to cover this topic or not but it would be interesting to have your perspective of what the media claims are bad feelings between the Clinton and Obama people. I’m pretty tired of what I see as whining on the Clintons behalf and was just wondering what if any is the feeling you get as you talk to people. Well, once again thanks for keeping us informed and I have to say I’m proud that you guys are there as our local media. Enjoy the parties and all the fanfare!!!

    Lori Marino

  • Hi Michael,
    Your mom told me you are at the DNC. I am enjoying your pictures and commentary. It is refreshing to read your blog on what is really happening. Today’s NBC comments was on the tight and growing security. They made it seem excessive and possibly controlling, but you gave a much different view. I am looking forward to the convention, but even more so knowing you are there. I will be checking your blog daily. Keep up the good work and enjoy your stay. Call me sometime when you get back.

    Aunt Kathy