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Game of Cojones

“Give me honorable enemies rather than ambitious ones, and I’ll sleep more easily by night.”
― George R.R. Martin, A Game of Thrones

I swear to you, dear reader, that I’ve other topics besides Clinton corruption that I would enjoy using this weekly missive to discuss. However, as much as I’d love to unload a couple of thousand words in a think piece about comic book movies or why your body is perfectly acceptable for the beach as it is, the fate of humanity is much more important.

We are to the point of the race for the White House that we’ve now two egos in the lead and one true public servant coming from behind. It’s time that we talk about character.

The United States has a long history of celebrating questionable character. From Bonnie and Clyde to True Romance, we idolize the bad boys and girls. We should have seen Hillary and Donald coming. We’d been told that winter was coming for a very long time. We shouldn’t be surprised it’s actually arriving this summer. Maybe we should be glad that it was Trump who won the GOP nomination and not Lindsay Lohan.

Still, the American promise is not a rerun of The Jersey Shore. The American Dream isn’t the lyrics to “Bitches Ain’t Shit” by Dr. Dre. The right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness doesn’t speak to ambition. It’s a call to goodness. We’re supposed to protect each other, provide fair and transparent justice for each other, and give each other the tools to build a happy and meaningful life with our loved ones.

We should demand better values from our Presidents than hubris, and hubris is all that Clinton or Trump bring to the table. Eight years ago we went for the audacity of hope. Now we’re chiseling our choices down to straight up audacity. Vanity and pompousness are not leadership qualities. In fact, in both cases, for Hillary and Donald, their pretentiousness and self-importance has often been their downfall.

It’s been said that Donald Trump would be worth more today if he would have just put his inheritance in a regular bank account rather than all of his many “investments.” He’s the archetype of spoiled rich kid. He always got his way. He lies more easily than he tells the truth. He’s had a series of trophy wives and demands complete respect from his children, because he’s probably never experienced real love or kindness. His desire to put his name on everything from steaks to towers to fraudulent universities outweighs his sense of decency by far. Nobody on the planet other than his mail-order bride, other employees or his offspring would proclaim the Donald as a good man or a humanitarian. He’s a personality. America’s cult of personality has made a person like this a contender for the Presidency.

Still, with the Donald, it’s all talk, all public relations, all media manipulations, all scams. If you want a true super-villain, you have to look at his long-time friends, the Clintons. Donald Trump is King Joffrey to Hillary Clinton’s Ramsay Bolton. Both seem to like to watch people suffer, but one of them has perfected it into an art-form. If Donald Trump is Lex Luthor, a spoiled billionaire, full of cockiness and a hatred for aliens; the Clinton machine is Dr. Doom, hell bent on ruling the world with an iron fist because they feel it’s their right to capitalize upon the common people.

You know about Trump University. You know about Secretary of State Hillary Clinton trading arms deals to Clinton Foundation donors. You know that Trump neckties are manufactured by children in China. You know that Hillary Clinton bullied the women who tried to seek justice for being raped by Bill Clinton. You know all of the baggage and scandal. I honestly believe most Americans do know. It’s just that they don’t care. They’ve been stripped of their belief that human decency is an important trait in our leaders. It’s fair to blame the media too. Go ahead. They deserve it.

While in the Governor’s mansion in Arkansas, the Clintons supplied airport support for the CIA to run narcotics as part of the Iran Contra scheme that sold crack cocaine in American inner cities to fund clandestine arms sales and kill squads. In the White House, the Clintons escalated the War on Drugs, made prisons for profit a thing and militarized the small town police force. As Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton helped secure 90% of the world’s opium supply under protection of the US military. As candidate for President, she collects money from the pharmaceutical company who sells the most prescription opiates. We know that most heroin addicts start on the prescription stuff. They turn to smack when they can’t afford black market pills anymore after their pushed prescriptions expire. Who’s importing the illegal stuff? This is some true super-villain stuff, folks, straight out of 1970s comic book, and some of you want her to be President.

There are more FBI agents assigned to investigating Hillary Clinton than people who attend her rallies. She’s not given a single press conference as of this writing, in June, during all of 2016. Her refusal to release her Goldman Sachs transcripts makes me wonder if there were even any speeches. Perhaps it was all just money laundering and payment for services rendered. Conventional wisdom is that she’s hiding them because she mentioned running for President, in clear violation of Federal Elections Commission rules. Hillary Clinton is the most corrupt and secretive politician since Richard Nixon. Nixon of course founded the War on Drugs as a way of putting the boot to black people and liberals. In case you wondered what Clinton might be up to…

It’s really not surprising that such an evil figure in politics, who has likely committed election and voter fraud in her quest to steal her party’s nomination, would be losing to a buffoon like Trump in many polls, especially valuable electoral college swing states. If you’re going to have oligarchy and tyranny, you want the guy who’s going to at least sell you terrible meat at an overwhelming markup, not the lady who tells the poor to eat cake. Either way, either one is likely to bring about the zombie apocalypse. Be it White Walkers, Return of Living Dead or just a nation of junkies strung out on government issued black tar junk.

Meanwhile, we have an honest to goodness good man running with Bernie Sanders. There’s no scandal with Bernie. There is a solid five decade record of public service and fighting for true democratic principles, in the tradition of pre-Reagan and Clinton America. There’s enough hubris to stick his neck on the line to run for office, not enough to bring about the end of the world, which frankly I fear from both Clinton and Trump.

Despite the Clinton propaganda wing at CNN and MSNBC’s lies, no candidate will have 2,383 delegates before the Democratic Convention. Super delegates don’t vote until July 25, 2016. There’s going to be a contested Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia this summer. The political revolution isn’t going to roll over and let either of these two monsters, Clinton or Trump, continue the decline of Democracy. I’m going to be there. Are you? #SeeYouInPhilly.

I truly believe the future of humanity hangs on decisions made by American citizens in the coming week and leading into the Democratic National Convention later this summer. I just fear that an American electorate, weened on Real Housewives, Bachelorettes and greed for so many years doesn’t have the ability to act in its own interest in large enough numbers to combat the expected fraud. California especially will have to represent. Winter has come and the only dragon coming to our rescue is an elderly Vermonter that the people need to summon. I’m on the edge of my seat waiting to see how these stories resolve and just hope I live long enough for the history books to be written.

“Why is it always the innocents who suffer most, when you high lords play your game of thrones?”
― George R.R. Martin, A Game of Thrones

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