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The big buzz around here today is how overblown FOX News and other Cable reports made protesters look. There’s some speculation that the FOX clip of a reporter charging into a parade of protesters chanting “F*ck FOX News” may have been staged.

The covers of both Denver newspapers this morning featured stories about how protests weren’t even close to what they expected and that the city seemed congested, but peaceful.

It seems the protests are all pretty much at the Colfax and Broadway area, about a half mile from the convention itself. Then straggler protesters and fringe groups are wandering the 16th Street Mall, about the same distance away.

Like I mentioned in a previous post, the campus around the Pepsi Center where the convention will be held is quite secure and credentialed only access.

The old adage is true: Don’t believe everything you see on TV. There’s nothing unusual going on here, no sign of trouble, at least this first day. The police presence is large, but they all seem relaxed and friendly. Secret Service has a notable presence, and at least to the press, seem quite helpful in helping us find our way around.

The convention itself isn’t as organized as I would have imagined. In fact a producer from CNN in line for security clearance with me this last time told me that it was the least organized convention she’d ever been to.

The WORD’s been given “Hall” level clearance, which means we can go just about anywhere in the convention center, other than into other media’s boxes, special rooms, the delegate seating, or on stage. So, hopefully when it starts to get action packed around here I’ll have something of better interest to post for you. Right now it’s like I showed up to a concert venue the day before the show, and it’s just the vendors setting up.

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