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Color me unimpressed with the new Batman movie. I know. I know. Everyone ELSE on the planet thinks it’s the greatest thing since talkies hit the silver screen. –But WHY? Is it because Heath is dead? Is it because you like long, boring movies with things blowing up? Is it because you hate Batman comics?

What DOES Chris Nolan have against Batman comics? There are so very many Batman mythos he could have worked with. But instead he gave the comics and their characters a big budget finger.

Yes, Heath Ledger played a good psychopath. In the same respect, Eric Roberts was pretty good. I thought Gary Oldman was the most believable. But this movie was long, made very little sense, had no fit in the DC comics universe, and was slow developing. I think you’re all as crazy as the Joker for putting it on so high a pedestal.

At least they got rid of Katie Holmes. If only they’d got rid of the dumbest Batmobile ever produced too. I’m a giant comic book nerd, and am so sad about this movie.

They better not ruin my favorite graphic novel, Watchmen, like they have with Batman. I’ll beat someone like Christian Bale beats his mother.

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