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Have you supported my Kick-Finisher campaign for my new album, Broken News, yet?  It’s cheap and easy, like me. All you need to do is pick up my album at iTunes, Amazon or Google Play. Or just stream it on Spotify.


How does it work?

Donate as little as your time.  Click the Spotify link and listen to the entire album. If you do, you’ll donate about a penny to the campaign.

For 99 cent donation, click the iTunes, Google Play or Amazon MP3 link and buy any one song.  You will be rewarded with one mp3 for your donation!  You can make up to 18 donations at this level!

For just under 10 dollars, click the iTunes, Google Play or Amazon mp3 link and buy the entire album.  For this level of donation, you will receive the entire album!


Why Kick-Finished?

The album is done.  I invested a great deal of the last year and a lot of very hard work to get these 18 songs recorded.  I begged talented friends to help me finish it. We don’t need to you to fund making the project.  We need you to fund making the project somewhat successful. It’s the oldest form of crowd-sourced-funding: free-market economy. Please inject your funds into this project!


Are there other ways to help?

Sure there are!  If you’ve bought a track or the album, please leave a nice review on the site you bought it from.

Add a track to Spotify play-list that people subscribe to.

Post a link to the album on iTunes or another music store on your Facebook, Twitter, Tumbler or more. Feel free to tag @michaelsalamone so that he can thank you for your support.

Tell a friend or family member that you think they should check out the album Broken News

Be nice to people. That sort of karma pays off for everybody.


Kick-Starter gives perks.

What are the perks to Kick-Finisher?

Because we’re using free-market-capitalism to crowd-source this project, perks are built into every financial contribution to Michael Salamone’s Kick-Finisher campaign.  You will get mp3 audio tracks at every level of purchase or donation.

Want more?  Ask for it!  Michael doesn’t believe that people want his autograph or to be tagged on Facebook with thank you notes. But if he’s wrong, let him know!  He’ll autograph anything and tag you until your screen turns blue. He even owns his own Sharpee magic-marker to make those autographs last longer. Boobs welcome.


Is this a joke?

Yes and No.  Yes, this is all supposed to be a satire of the state of independent music, where artists have to crowd source albums they’re going to make anyway to get people to buy them, before they even make them.

NO. This is not a joke.  We really need your support and hope that you’ll buy a track or the whole album.  It’s not much, and Michael would totally buy your track or album. Please support his first double-album, and likely his last album. Pretty please.


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