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let’s talk comics

OK, maybe this is turning into a comic book blog. Maybe I’m censoring myself on ranting about everything going on in the world. But I do enjoy chronicling the comics I read, so for now, it will have to do.

Superman 709: I’d like to take credit for saving Superman comics. I wrote a letter to DC complaining about not letting JMS finish his run on Superman, and how the character threatening Lois Lane and to kill a hipster ruined Supes. In this issue, JMS’s back at the helm, Superman goes to Colorado. Come on. That was for me. Totally. Flash guest stars, there’s a trippy Kryptonian head band, and the issue rocks. I give myself an A.

American Vampire 11 and 12: The history of vampires in America continues in one of the best new comic series out there. And there are a lot of those right now. This is a fun book, that somehow gets better with each issue. The American breed of vamp is the deadliest, but the most moral. Or is it? A+

Brightest Day 22: I’m over it. F

DC Universe Legacies 10: The oral history of DC heroes is now in the 90s. So, I guess this series is close to an end. Too bad, it’s pretty good. B

Fear Itself – Book of the Skull: I like occult WWII stories. But I fear Marvel crossover events because they’re usually confusing, ill organized and ruin great characters. We will see. C

Hulk 30.1: Unfortunately it seems like Red Hulk isn’t going anywhere, because this point one book sets him up with his first real enemy. F

The Amazing Spiderman 656: The artwork in this series gets worse with each issue, as so does the writing. F

Uncanny X-Force 5.1: I love this team. So far, none of the five issues have sucked. Hopefully that continues. B+

Uncanny X-Men Annual 03: Meh. Mutants in the negative zone. This is Reed Richards territory. And boring. F

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