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Limericks for Orange, Purple and Silver

One of the funniest people I follow on Twitter, @k2bf, made a very funny tweet about how there are no dirty limericks using the colors orange, purple or silver. It’s a funny premise because people always say there are no rhymes for those colors, and of course, @k2bf could make a funeral funny. Still, it inspired me to try and write one for each of the colors. These are my attempts:

There once was a man named Boris Fringe who went out on a whore binge at a docile yet hostel brothel that they called the Old Orange Door Hinge.

There once was a knight named Sir Vole who ate all the girl’s hole’s. He served bowls of herbals and spoke in prose to get damsels on his purple sir pole.


There once was a man named Phil Burr who took an old lady lover to film her. Her pussy was gray, but that was OK, so he proceeded to willfully fill her silver.

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