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Listing the Year Away: 10 Best Comic Books of 2010

I’ve been praising this comic run for the last several months to anyone who will listen. Our universe. One girl, breaking the 4th wall to try and convince you to join her in her revolution to put down corruption in our country. Anarchistic, violent and yet somehow heartfelt, Scarlet has some of the best writing and artwork happening in comics today.

A 27-year-old musician makes a bargain with dark forces to regain use of his hands, but it goes haywire. Guest starring the most amazing artists and musicians who ever died at 27, it’s full of creepy and beauty at once.

This beautiful one-shot based on the cult favorite Joss Whedon space cowboys universe was based on a Mountain Goats song. It’s poetic while putting a great feather in the cap of a universe’s story that ended too soon.

There’s a reason that Morning Glories #1 and all its reprints keep selling out at record speeds. It’s that good. Creepy and addicting, readers are dying to know what the hell is going on at this boarding school, and what makes these kids so special, besides their birthdays.

Penny for Your Soul is one of my favorite series to start in 2010, and the best issue is the first, where we learn all about how Satan’s grand-daughter and her lesbian lover Mary Magdalene, have opened a casino to alter the balance of heaven and hell, pissed at the ruler’s of hell, and former lover Jesus Christ’s new talk radio program.

This comic has nothing to do with the upcoming NBC series. I can’t tell you much without being a spoiler though. All I can say is that this issue has the best ending to a comic book in many, many years.

Technically this is a trade paperback, or graphic novel, but it has to be on this list. Cat Woman is somehow one of the most compelling characters of the superhero genre in 2010, and recently this work put a giant exclamation point on that statement. Writers have really given Selina quite a bit of depth of character this year, and this story is an easy one to love.

Chew is easily one of the best series going on right now, but I particularly loved #15, the Thanksgiving issue. I mean, Thanksgiving in a world with a poultry prohibition? Plus we got a little character back-story on the leads, which is always a treat.

It is sort of hard to pick just one issue of the DC Legacies series as a best, but you do need to start at the beginning, so there you have it. Told through the eyes of a Metropolis police veteran, recounting through all of the newspapers he’s saved over the years since the first superheroes started showing up, this is one of the best tie-togethers of the DC universe ever penned.

OK, I just read this issue. But it was really, really good. Especially because this is the Batman we know and love, and not the current DC universe, Grant Morrison penned “Batman Inc” crap. I need me a dark Batman, in Gotham, fighting crime. Thank you DC for green-lighting this series to counter balance the steaming load of poop happening across the Bat titles right now.

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