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Listing the Year Away: 10 Movies That Didn’t Suck

I think there’s better writing going on in television than in feature film. At least in TV shows that get made versus movies that get made. Of course, I like full length films better than short films. So possibly I just prefer long form story telling. Still, most of the movies I’ve seen in the last few years kind of sucked. For the purpose of these year end lists, here are 10 that actually didn’t suck. In no particular order.

The Runaways
Scott Pilgrim vs. the World
Wall Street 2
Easy A
The American
True Grit

Friends tell me that Inception, Black Swan and the Social Network need to be on this list, and I say, “Get your own freakin’ list!” But seriously… Inception was alright, but it wasn’t the mind-f*ck that everyone said it was. The special effects were cool. But really, the story wasn’t that deep, people. Read a book every once in a while. Whoa. Blow your mind. And the Social Network? I’ll go to a nightclub if I want to hang around douche bags for 2 hours. Boring. Black Swan? Totally hot. Yeah, Black Swan should have been on this list. But it’s going to win a bunch of awards, and I’m afraid of it getting so popular that I won’t want to watch it again. And I totally want to watch it again. Alone. With candle light and massage oils.

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