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Listing the Year Away: 5 Favorite Web Comics of 2010

I like web comics almost as much as I like full form comic books. I RSS over 20. These five delivered in 2010 more than the others.

1. The Adventures of Superhero Girl
I just adore this simple, sweet, evolving story about a young superhero encountering the world. Thank you, artist Faith Erin Hicks.

2. Indexed
Simple. Funny. True. Jessica Hagy’s doodles make me happy.

3. Amazing Super Powers
This web comic has nothing to do with superheroes, despite it’s name. It’s one of those really popular web comics, like the Oatmeal or xkcd that I should be too cool to tell you about. But I like it enough to tell you about it anyhow. Wes and Tony seem alright, for hipsters who never tell us their last names.

4. Channel Ate
Ryan Hudson’s irreverent web comic is pretty popular & awesome, dudes.

5. Journey to Mt. Moriah
Scott Startling makes weird and artful, illustrative web comics. I like them.

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