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Listing the Year Away: 5 Worst Comic Books of 2010

This comic book was so bad, that after I read it, I wrote an entire blog about it. Superman appears only once in the issue, to basically offer to kill someone for Perry White, who the issue is based around, because Perry apparently likes young hipster boys in skinny jeans.

The only thing worse than Perry White crushing on hipster boys is the entire year that Geoff Johns made us spend on New Krypton, before undoing the whole thing anyhow. All of Superman’s character was stripped away as he became one of Zod’s soldiers and YAWN. OMG, I’m so grateful it’s over. Way to ruin DC’s signature character for an entire year.

Yeah Marvel, we know that you know that we all love Deadpool. So, now that you’re owned by Disney, why don’t you beat him into our skulls with a new series where Deadpool teams up with every version of himself from every other alternate universe. Whereas one wise-cracking assassin adds comic relief to most stories, 5 of them makes you want to burn the very comic book you’re reading.

I’m very good at blocking out painful memories, and so I can’t even remember what they called the whole Return of Bruce Wayne storyline, where Batman was trapped in time. This COULD have been a cool story, exploring Gotham’s history. Instead it was a weird, convoluted story that dragged on and on with no reward. It was Quantum Leap starring Batman. For real.

Grant Morrison is currently taking a giant dump on the beloved character of Batman. Not even in a Chris Nolan, create your own Batman, sort of way. Morrison is doing it with the REAL Batman, in the real DC Universe. Bruce Wayne tells the world he’s been funding Batman, and now will hire other Batmen around the world. The only way he can finish this steaming pile of crap story is if the Joker kills Bruce Wayne, after every government in the world sues Wayne for vigilantism. A broke then dead Bruce Wayne. Way to ruin Batman forever, douche.