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Listing the Year Away: My 5 Favorite Blogs of 2010

I’ve going to crank a few more of these year end lists out over the next 48 hours or so, and this is one I feel is important to share, because this is the internet and that’s how things work. We share links, which people navigate to, as we all absorb ideas and information shared by others. Groovy. (snaps fingers a bunch of times)

1. Law & the Multiverse
Now, I’m just a simple caveman, I’m no fancy lawyer, but I deeply enjoy reading this wonderful examination of U.S. Law as it would pertain to superhumans and comic book heroes. And I’m LEARNING. Whoa. And they said those funny pages were going to rot my mind.

2. Topless Robot
From Cylon toilet paper dispensers to wacky contests and wonderful comic book coverage, TR embraces nerdcore and celebrates geekdom. Heck, one of the most viewed posts on THIS blog was a response to a post on TR about female characters in comic books. What was I saying about the way the internet works?

3. Comic Book Resources
CBR is the internet bible for what’s happening in the world of comic books, and thanks to the wonders of RSS readers on every device I own, I read every single post. I can’t make a list of favorite blogs without including them, because frankly, they help me decide what I’ll read each week. Especially with the superhero titles which I’m growing increasingly bored with. Oh, whatever happened to character development and good writing alongside an asskicker in a cape?

4. Hi Lo Brow
Another RSS favorite, sometimes I feel like the posters over at HLB are programming specifically to my interests. What a great fantasy. Somewhere out there, there are folks striving to keep me informed and entertained.

5. Guess Her Muff
This blog has been around forever, is NSFW, and is completely piggish. It’s not like I’m even attracted to very many of the women. I just giggle every time I play the game. Simply put, the blogger posts a picture of a woman. You guess how she grooms her lady bits. Then you click on her to see the answer. I know that it’s pretty immature that I find this funny, but I do, and laughing is fun.

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