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Listing the Year Away: TV is Bad for You

TV is will rot your brain, and these are the ten shows in 2010 that made brain rot awesome.

The Daily Show
Bored to Death
Modern Family
No Ordinary Family
Conspiracy Theory with Jesse Ventura
Stan Lee’s Superhumans
Sons of Anarchy

I also really like a bunch of British shows, like Misfits, Being Human, Secret Diary of a Call Girl, and No Heroics but it takes some work to get them here in the US. Well, HBO shows old Call Girl episodes a year later, SyFy is about to ruin Being Human, and ABC botched a remake of No Heroics so bad it will never air…

2010 was a year in which formerly pretty good shows started to suck pretty bad. I’m sorry, but even sacred cow 30 Rock wasn’t as good this year. Weeds? Why in the hell did I keep watching? It was like doing homework. Same with Entourage. I used to really like Chuck, but I think even the writers are out of ideas. I loved the first season of The Big Bang Theory. They should have stopped there.

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