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Living Today In An Old School Way Like LL Cool J

A few years ago, I discovered the secret of time travel. I take the opposite view of most physicists who say you only travel forward in time. I’m not a scientist, but I know how to time travel. Unfortunately, you can’t visit the future and you can’t alter the past. You can move only through the moments of your own life already lived, always returning back to the present. You can only observe and will always be unable to interact.

Concentrating on memories and replaying them with every vivid detail you can muster constitutes as time travel in my book.

Several years ago most of my lifetime’s journals and recorded music were lost when my truck was stolen during a move. All of my photographs from high school, college, and my previous 2 lives in Colorado were in there as well. Favorite memorabilia and heirlooms were all lost. Time travel is all that I have left of my past.

I’ve been time traveling. You may notice I redesigned the website and this blog in a pretty old school style. I call it the Atari look. I’m sure web and graphic people would mock it, but it just fits what I’m going through. I’m gradually recording all of the old folk and acoustic songs from my pre-band and between band stages. I’m recording cheesy electro pop a lot, because, hey, that’s part of who I am too. I’m painting. I writing. I’m trying to challenge myself, mentally and physically as much as possible. I’m letting go of an emotional hiccup. I’m time traveling, and channeling the best of who I’ve been here in the now, while trying to learn from the worst of who I’ve been. I’m time traveling and trying to learn from the best of those I’ve known as well as the worst of those I’ve known. I’m returning to the present with the gift of perspective, so that the future can be something to behold.

Those who don’t learn from history are doomed to repeat it, and I believe that is true on a personal level as well as the grander scale.

And so, a little quixotic time travel is in order. Fire up the Tardis.

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