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10 Times

Once I fell in love. I fell in love once. I fell in love.

Twice I almost got married. I almost got married twice.

Three times I broke my nose. Every time for a woman, I broke my nose.

Four times I ran away. I probably should have stayed, but I ran away.

One Fourth of July, and this ain’t no lie, there were five at one time. It ain’t no lie. One Fourth of July there was five at one time.

Six one-night-stands. That’s not much for a man, talking about one-night-stands.

But seven were three-night-stays, then they went away, but they were three-night-stays.

Eight, they were just friends. I made amends that we were just friends.

Nine times out of ten, I say the same prayer, and here it is:

I hope I fall in love at least ten more times before I die. I want to fall in love at least ten more times.



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