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40 (lyrics)

I tried to write this as a letter
But after 40 drafts I have realized
It’s not worthy of the stamp

I could have peppered my words

With exaggerations and lies
In hopes that you would sympathize

But the truth of the matter is that it doesn’t matter.
It’s not likely that you would even read it anyway.

Loving someone like me can’t be easy.

Ups and downs and platitudes
Silences then attitude
Passions, fits and when the mood shifts I reach for you
Until you are gone

I may be being selfish
But you’re my favorite thing
I ever imagined.

You had the misfortune of loving someone
Who’s feet never touched the ground
Except for occasion when dragging my knees on the ground,
From Crashing…

And people like me don’t particularly
Take to being picked up and dusted off
Even though we know it was done so out of love

If I have said it once
I have said it 40 times
I am broken
And Crashing…



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