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After the Late Show

I throw a TV off the balcony.
I toss some pencils through the windows.
I harass the deli down the block.
I count to ten, ten times, ten over.
I spray the hose at passers by.
I make a funny face and I loosen my tie.
I invite interesting guests over all the time.
Late night won’t be the same,
If the band doesn’t play.
I wouldn’t give my troubles to a monkey on a rock.
Late night just won’t be the same.
I tell the squirrel what he can do with his nuts.
I offer to buy drums in my grey socks.
So, pick a meatball off the tree one last time for me.
Yes sir, I would like to buy a monkey.
Is this anything?

© Michael Salamone – Salatone Recordings – Michael Salamone Publishing


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