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She laughs at my jokes
She never wears patchouli.
She’s nice to me
And I find her very pretty

She’s a shortie.
She likes to try new restaurants
She understands the value of alone time

She has a creative hobby
She isn’t a right-wing nut job
She likes to go out on dress-up dates
She’s is not afraid of dive bars

She doesn’t do drugs unless they’re prescribed by a doctor
She doesn’t ever play games
She’s loyal and she’s faithful

She likes my cooking
She likes to read
She’s a little bit rock and roll
She has good hygiene

She doesn’t hate puns or wordplay
She likes the music of 1988
She has hope for the future.
Her eyes show electricity.

She supports my creativity.
On occasion she inspires me.
She doesn’t get embarrassed by me singing karaoke

She doesn’t like jam-bands.
She pretends I’m the smartest person in the room
She Can’t drink me under the table.
But she Enjoys cocktails too.

She Doesn’t offend easily.
She Is open about her feelings.
She wants to evolve.
She never calls me Mikey

She’ll go to the opera with me
She eats ice cream
She likes science fiction
She wants to travel more, internationally

She has hope for the future
Her taste in music is eclectic
She isn’t superficial.
Her eyes are electric.
I get lost in her eyes.
I get lost in her eyes.
I get lost in her eyes.
I get lost.

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