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Dangling from Strings

Remember when you told me that there was no one else and that you just needed time to be by yourself. You said you weren’t ready for intimacy, but now I see you meant just with me.  You left me dangling.

Now you only call when you need something. I don’t matter at all unless you need something. No matter how hard I fall,  you won’t cut these strings. And let me be free. Please. Just cut these strings and let me be free.

Remember I asked you if I was crazy. If I was just imagining our energy. That would have been a good time to tell me that you weren’t interested. Instead of leaving me dangling.

Remember when you asked me out and there was another man there. You were running in circles trying to play fair. You said that you only wanted it to be me, but your body language said another thing. And you left me dangling.

Then I saw this picture of your freshly fucked grin and I could help but wondering you’re sleeping with and why you’re still calling, and leaving me dangling from these strings.

So next time you need me I might not be there. Next time you call me I’ll try not to care. Next time you want me, I’ll disappear, just to cut these strings.

You once asked me if I was a monster, but monsters don’t love unconditionally. You might want to invest in a mirror to see who the monster might actually be.