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Welcome to the Point and Clique

Where it’s all on display

Tell us what you like

And we will feed it to you all damn day

At the Point and Clique

Where we are all friends.

We are your friends now.

These are all of your friends now.

Just Point and Clique

You don’t know me

You don’t really know me

You think that you know me

But you don’t know anything

Except for what I want you to see

And I hope that you like that piece of me.

Come on in to the Point and Clique

You can spend all of your time here.

You can let go of your mind here.

That’s the point of it.

At the Point and Clique

You remember that time?

When you did that thing?

At the Point and Clique,

Well, So do we.

We are your friends, here.

Come be with your friends, here,

At the Point and Clique.



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