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Taun Taun Tee Shirt


People say that when you’ve been together as long as you and I that you’ve got to work just to keep that spark alive. But I know what people say is really just a lie, because when you walked into this party here tonight, one look at you and I thought that I was going to die. Princess, with you, there is no dark-side.

Thank you for wearing your Taun Taun tee shirt.  I feel the force strong inside of you. This nerd will fight his way through all the winter weather, just to get home and stay warm with you. I keep staring at your Taun Taun tee shirt thinking that I want to climb inside of you. It’s cold outside, but I’m feeling plenty warm because I’m the nerd who gets to leave with you.

When I got to the party, I thought, “It’s a trap, that’s right.” Everybody’s talking  about nothing all at the same time. Chris went on for twenty minutes about Dungeons and Dragons online. But you walked in the room and I knew that I was going to be fine. I was in Cloud City, knowing that you were mine. You in that cute tee shirt. Juliet I’d do the stars for you, any time.

I’m the luckiest scruffy looking nerf herder. You’re the prettiest, stylish little nerd lover. You make me want to take this rebellion further. For me there is no other.



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