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the Scuttlebutt Around Your Opening



You were holding a camera, because that’s what you do. Now with the lens turned around on to you, they captured the reaction commissioned for you. And they put it on full display for all to view.

“Somehow, it’s beguiling and somehow even cohesive; even if it’s one of the more primitive pieces.”

I thought that there would be more wine, and all of these things that we say would have some actual meaning; but they keep repeating:

“We can deconstruct the sub-lime hue around the sun, through an explanation of perception and nostalgia.

“This installation will garnish a reputation for evoking an absurd tableaux; a retrospective spectacle, an eccentrically curated show. Bravo.

They’d hang you right there on the wall if they could, you know, still saying :

“We can deconstruct the sublime hue of the sun.



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