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The Outsiders 37: This team was better when Batman gave a shit about them. Now Amanda Waller is blackmailing half of them, and the other half are nearly getting themselves killed helping a Superman knockoff fight Doomsday. Yeah. Doomsday is back, and this issue proves what a dumb idea of DC’s that was. F
Justice League Generation Lost 21: This is the first issue in this series since the first couple that I actually liked, and it’s because it did something so many DC comics seem scared of doing this last year, it showed the vulnerability of the invulnerable. There was no action. It was dialogue. We got to know characters and feel their pain. And I actually gave a crap about their mission again. Plus, that big surprise at the end helped. A
New Avengers 10: the great new Avengers team takes a backseat to some silly 1950s team you can’t believe (can’t believe in a superhero comic, that’s bad) and it’s a yawn fest. Worst issue in this run. F
X-23 7: This series redeemed itself after last issue with a nice, simple story with lots of voilence and a little bit of heart. A
Jennifer Blood 2: Why is this suburban mom sneaking out at night and killing mobsters like she’s a super-spy? Beats me, but I’ll keep reading to find out. A+
Fear Itself Sketchbook 1: I’m generally warry of Marvel and DC comic book crossover events because the often mess with the continuity, ruin or kill characters and pretty much suck when it comes to storytelling. BUT, this sketchbook looks pretty cool. C
Birds of Prey 10: GREAT issue with a great conclusion to a storyline I wasn’t really into. Of course, any book with Selina Kyle in it always makes me purr.
Incredible Hulk 624: Planet Hulk was the best Marvel run in a long time, but they can’t reclaim that glory. Not like this. Still, it’s nice to see Ska’ar give a damn about his father. C
iZombie 11: This series just gets better by the issue. A+ isn’t a high enough grade. Zombies, possessed chimps, were-terriers, ghosts, mummies, you name it; they’re all just regular folks.
Little Depressed Boy 2: I’m so in love with this comic, and it’s only the second date. err… ISSUE. The first issue sold out, and I hope this one does too, just so it’s popular enough to keep going on forever. A+
Twenty Seven 4: This was a great four-issue run, with a fantastic story about a famous guitarist who loses use of one of his hands and makes a supernatural deal, only to learn the true value of being an artist. Highly recommend. A+
Venom 1: It’s a silly premise, but I like Flash Thompson as Venom, even if it’s only in short periods of time so that the alien doesn’t gain control. I’ll definitely see what other antidotal adventures Venom’s assignments lead to. B
Zatanna 10: The silly puppet storyline finally comes to a close, but not in a good way. At least, not if you like Zatanna. With talk of the series being close to cancelled, I’m curious if this may be the last issue. D
Hawkeye Blindspot 2: Cool issue exploring Hawkeye’s path while he figures out who killed his mentor. I’m liking this miniseries. B+
Jonah Hex 65: It doesn’t take much to make a good Jonah Hex story. Have him kill a bunch of assholes, but show he’s got a heart. This is a good Jonah Hex story. B-
Honey West 3: It doesn’t take much to make a good Honey West story. Have a hot ginger investigate a swinging 60s Hollywood crime. This is a good Honey West story. B

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