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The Misses (2002-2014)

“The Misses: 2002-2014” is a compilation album of Michael’s most downloaded songs, in chronological order of release. Many of these tracks are only available(gimme some mo')

The One We All Wrote

(lyrics were all compiled from random social media submissions from friends and followers, spliced together) An engorged gazebo sports tomatoes on the vine(gimme some mo')

Heroes and Villains (2013)

Heroes & Villains is a 2013 album by Michael Salamone featuring a collection of indie rock style songs he wrote.

Three into Fifty

A recovering music critic, I’m a sucker for milestones. Three legendary jazz albums celebrate their 50th anniversary this week, and I can’t implore(gimme some mo')

When a Buffalo Roams Into a Donkey Show

This is a piece I wrote for Artvoice that they didn’t have room for due to their fall program guide special issue. I would have adapted it for the WORD(gimme some mo')

Stout & Martinis (2002)

Stout & Martinis is Michael Salamone's 2002 album of songs he wrote combining electronic and indie elements in an attempt to create chaotic hook-friendly(gimme some mo')


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