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2014 Year In Review – Salamone Podcast – special episode

This is our 2014 Year In Review special. I chat about the events that made up 2014 through the lens of news items and pop culture with Quincy Worthington, Owen Niland and Gary Peters. Since the Holiday Special was silly and satirical, this special set out to be more serious and conversational. The show is an edit of three different conversations with each of the guests through our live channel, edited together into one show. I’m particularly fond of the social media commentary towards the end.
Rev. Quincy Worthington is a pretty big deal in the world of Theology and a great friend of the show, and Michael.

Gary Peters is a regarded visual artist, comedian and musician, as well as the Banksy of his hometown of Jamestown, NY.

Owen Niland is a Denver stage actor and dear friend.

Michael Salamone is a musician and writer in Denver, CO who always wanted to have a talk show.


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