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Salamone ep.131 with Anoa Changa

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Michael Salamone chats with friend, author, activist, journalist, mom and all-about-that-work champion Anoa Changa about the whirlwind of the first two weeks of 2021. From the GA elections, to the Capitol insurrection, to so much more, is it 2021 or 2020 won?

Anoa Changa is an activist based in Atlanta, GA who was politically activated in West Virginia. As a podcaster and journalist, Anoa shines spotlight on grassroots organizers, candidates, movement spaces and more. Her podcast, The Way with Anoa is on Apple podcasts and all the major podcast purveyors. Subscribe at https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/the-way-with-anoa/id1131078756 or on your favorite podcast platform. Just use your favorite web search engine to search “by Anoa Changa” and you can read, listen to and watch her important journalism.

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