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Salamone ep.135 with Ben Cohen

Michael Salamone chats with the Ben half of Ben & Jerry’s, Ben Cohen, about his and Jerry Greenfield’s new project, campaigntoendqualifiedimmunity.org.

Qualified immunity is a ruling by the Supreme Court that requires lower court judges to ignore whether any laws were broken and dismiss the case, UNLESS another police officer had been found guilty previously in a similar situation, making it near impossible for any officer breaking the law to be found guilty the first time around to open the door to accountability.

The Campaign to End Qualified Immunity is seeking Federal legislation to overturn the Supreme Court’s ruling. Through their website, campaigntoendqualifiedimmunity.org you can sign up to be active in lobbying for changing this antiquated ruling with origins in protecting the KKK post-Civil-War.

You can follow Ben Cohen on Twitter @YoBenCohen and support the work at campaigntoendqualifiedimmunity.org.

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