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Salamone, episode 91: Roadtrip Chats

To and from and during our trip to Philadelphia for the DNC last week, I recorded six hours of conversations separate from our nightly round-table discussions involving the great Benjamin Dixon, the exceptional John MacDonald and the fabulous Mike James. The audio quality is often questionable. There are a few rough edits. I’ve wheedled the recordings down two an hour and a half, predominantly featuring the car ride home conversation we Periscoped bits and pieces of. However, this really was a week-long conversation. Still, I feel like there are some great chunks throughout and wanted to share it with you. Our week-long talk centered around the power structure, globalization and the future of democracy. Feel free to eavesdrop on us if you can stand the rough audio chunks. There are car noises, weird noises of all sorts and even a pretty solid rainstorm. Between all that though, you can catch some insight from some guys who want better for the country they love. Cheers.