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Salamone (the podcast) ep. 122: Tara Reade & Prof. Anthony Zenkus

Michael Salamone chats with author Tara Reade and Prof. Anthony Zenkus about Tara’s new book, “Left Out: When the Truth Doesn’t Fit In” detailing her experiences as a sexual assault victim while an aide to then Senator Joe Biden, her experiences trying to come forward, enduring character assassination, and trying to navigate the road to recovering from trauma.

Tara Reade is an author, Former Senate aide, Survivor, Animal Rights activist and poet. You can get the Kindle copy of her book now, or pre-order the hard copy, at TaraReadeAuthor.com.

Prof. Anthony Zenkus teaches at Columbia & Adelphi Universities Schools of Social Work in NY. He is a social worker, educator and trauma expert who has trained over 1,000 judges on trauma, managed rape crisis centers and has trained police, prosecutors, medical professionals and journalists on how to approach trauma victims.

If you or someone you know is being victimized or has experienced trauma they need help coping with, please consider the following links:

Echo Training: providing trauma & resilience training for families, communities and organizations. EchoTraining.org

Voices In Action: A survivor-founded and led nonprofit fighting to change the culture of suxual misconduct and violence. VoicesInAction.org

National Sexual Violence Resource Center: Providing leadership in preventing and responding to sexual violence. nsvrc.org