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Salamone (the podcast) ep.127: Biden’s Cabinet So Far

Michael Salamone chats about Joe Biden’s cabinet picks thus far with Daily Poster editor Andrew Perez and The Discourse podcast’s John MacDonald. Super friends or Legion of Doom? Even though the potential cabinet list isn’t complete, there is a lot to cover and they do their best to run it all down in under an hour. Who are these nominees and appointments? What do they stand for? Who do they serve? These are the questions this podcast episode tries to ask and answer.

Andrew Perez is an editor at the Daily Poster and cofounder of Democratic Policy Center. His Twitter is @andrewperezdc

John MacDonald is cohost of the Discourse and a friend, contributor and frequent guest on Salamone. His Twitter is @Alexand3rTheMeh

For further reading on Biden’s cabinet picks please support the fine journalism being done at the Daily Poser at dailyposter.com. Their Twitter is @dailyposter