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Salamone (the podcast) ep.130 with Kyle Burnett

How does Michael Salamone wrap up the horror show that was the year 2020? He invites his friend who became a best selling Horror author in 2020 to run it all down with him.

Kyle Burnett is a long-time friend and friend of this show. He is an author, speaker, and leadership development coach in Denver, Colorado. In his 22 years in the safety and security field, Kyle lead teams protecting some of the most prodigious locations as well as providing personal protection for countless well-known individuals. During his time in the field, Kyle also provided support in advising the Secret Service for then-President Barack Obama and served as an asset and risk management expert for the Mayor’s Office of Emergency Management and Homeland Security. After leaving the safety and security field Kyle focused on team building and leadership development. He is now serving as a Community Director while working on his second novel.

Pick up Kyle’s new book, In the Hills Above the Gristmill, written under the pen name Kalvin Ellis and follow him on social media through https://linktr.ee/kalvinellis

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