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#SalamoneAtTheDNC – End of DNC Roundtable

Michael Salamone, Benjamin Dixon, John McDonald and Mike James are one team of many involved in the DNCLive.net coverage of the 2016 Democratic National Convention.
“As soon as I got in the car to head to Philly with Ben and John, it became clear that our week together was going to be full of excellent conversation. Once Mike James got added in, it became one conversation, interrupted only by sleep and the DNC. As part of my show’s contribution to this indie media collaboration of DNClive.net, I wanted to share that part of our experience with our friends who listen. My show is pretty free form, but the constant has always been a place where I share good conversations. This is a good, multi-day conversation I want to share.” –Michael Salamone
Each night of the DNC, the guys will record a round table to discuss their experiences that day, and let the conversation go wherever it goes.

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