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Sept 2, 2014 – Salamone Podcast – Doctor Who Super Fan Panel

On September 2, 2014, Michael Salamone assembled a panel of fellow Doctor Who super-fans to run down the first two episodes featuring our new Doctor, Peter Capaldi. –And really all things Whovian and our hopes for this latest series.  Joining Michael was Ana Brawley, Jon Marc Johnson,, Dale Saterly and Quincy Worthington.
Ana Brawley is a Doctor Who fan from Denver, CO, loving mother, and has been watching the show since the reboot.

Jon Marc Johnson is a musician and carpenter from Jamestown, NY who has been watching Doctor Who since the Tom Baker years.

Dale Saterly is a beer brewer and science lover from Upstate New York living in Denver, CO. He’s a super-fan of both classic and modern Doctor Who.

Quincy Worthington is a pastor from Erie, PA who just got into Doctor Who during the Matt Smith run, and has been devouring the show and all of it’s incarnations ever since.

Michael Salamone is a musician and journalist living in Denver, CO who has been binge watching Doctor Who since he first saw Tom Baker playing the role on PBS as a child. He hosts the Salamone podcast.


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