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Pre Game Mellow

I thought I should put a little pre-game commentary down before the big Hillary Clinton speech tonight. Depending on who you ask, you’ll get a different answer on what to expect tonight. Generally there are two camps: those who believe Hillary will unite the party behind Barack tonight, and those who think she’ll make a play for stealing the nomination on the convention floor.

A support rally for that second notion today was supposed to bring thousands of her supporters to the streets of Denver this morning. If there were 100 people I would be shocked. At the same time, Bill Clinton took some swipes at Obama today in Denver talking to foreign dignitaries. So, it’s really anybody’s guess as to what we should expect tonight.

In all of the other speeches, you’re going to see the continuation of this afternoon: hard hitting attacks on McCain. “There is not a unity problem. If anyone doubts that, wait till you see Hillary Clinton’s speech,” said Party chair Howard Dean. I’m inclined to believe he’s seen her prepared remarks.

Still, I’ve been told that at today’s WomenCount.org fundraiser, Clinton spoke without once mentioning Barack. It’s hard to me believe that she’ll make a play after publicly releasing her delegates, and at the half way point of the convention.

I can’t pretend to be psychic though, so we’ll learn together tonight. Tim’s live at the Pepsi Center for the evening getting the inside scoop. I can’t wait to see what he comes up with.

As we’ve said in the paper and at the beginning of this live blog process for the week, we’re not going to get to in depth with the same stuff you can see on C-SPAN or the 24 hour News Networks. Our goal is to showcase our experiences behind the scenes. We’re collecting some articles you’ll see in the future, but the blogs are just our way of telling you what we’re seeing.

Feel free to request or ask questions. We’re trying to share with you what it’s like to be here.

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