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Quick note about what to expect

It’s day 3 of the Democratic National Convention in Denver, and today will be a very busy one. I’ll try to get another update on the protests posted before it gets too crazy.

The Iraq War Veterans Against the War / Tent City protest concert with Rage Against the Machine starts in just a few hours. We’ve been credentialed for that, and I believe Tim will be there covering it.

Today is the day the nomination actually comes in at the convention, and Joe Biden accepts the VP slot officially. Bill Clinton will also speak. I plan on spending a lot of time on the convention grounds digging for stories today. I’ve decided to pass on Rage in hopes of getting some stories on the convention floor.

I’m not going to bring my laptop to Pepsi Center today. The wireless is too iffy, and I think I’ll be more mobile with a camera and a notebook. So, I’m not certain how many blogs you can expect today, but there will be full wrap up tonight. I’ll text in some reports if anything worth doing so comes about.

Expect Tim’s coverage of last night at the DNC to post some time today. You can link to both of our blogs at 3thick.com.

I’ll make sure everything is updated with full reports by the time we leave to see Obama speak tomorrow. The word on the ground this morning has been that the Obama speech will also be a massive voter drive somehow. So, I’ll be getting to mile high stadium early to try and get all the behind the scenes action tomorrow.

Thursday night, we’ve been invited to The Onion’s party with Ted Leo and the Pharmacists. Friday we’ll be part of the mass exodus from Denver.

I want to thank the handful of readers who gave to the cause, and my family at home who did a lot to help me get here as well. This is an expensive trip for a writer without an expense account, and it’s meant a lot to me personally to be a part of history here, in my former home town.

Our coverage won’t stop with the blogs during the week. We’ll have lots of stories to tell both in print and online in the coming week. Friends in Buffalo, it looks like I’ll have something in the news briefs area of Artvoice this week about the satirical protests and culture of Denver’s 16th Street Mall. WORD readers, expect full coverage next issue. Thanks again everyone.

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