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Respecting That I Was Right in Retrospect

I’m digging through the last 10 years of my published life, to put together a clips file for a prospective employer, and found this response to an editorial that I had written while at the Chautauqua Region WORD, dated 6/26/03:

“Dear Editor,
I don’t have time for a long note, just to say your editorial starting with, “The Bush administration has been busy burning bridges.” You are totally full of crap and have no idea what you are writing about. It is ashamed, I would truly enjoy your magazine if you weren’t such a Bush basher. I, like the majority of the country think he is doing great. I am not stupid and follow world events closely and truly feel things are good. The end….
Richard Schuler”

Mr. Schuler, where ever you are. You were wrong. I was right. Nanny nanna boo boo.