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Sometimes I Lose Myself In the Funny Pages

Since my post last week about my favorite female characters in comic books, I’ve been asked for suggestions on good comics to pick up these days quite a bit. In my humble opinion, these are the 10 best CURRENT titles going on in comic book publishing right now.

#1 Scarlett

She was my #1 pick for favorite female character and is my current favorite comic book. This book takes place in our universe. A young girl is taking on corruption and trying to start a revolution, and she’s asking you, the reader for your help. It’s got heart, great writing, amazing art, and just enough action to keep you glued to the pages. It’s an Icon release, which is owned by Marvel. They’re only a few issues in, so it’s not too late to get in on the ground floor.

#2 Morning Glories

Also a relatively new title, Image Comics’ Morning Glories is selling out as fast as they can print them, and for good reason. This is most interesting and well written series I’ve stumbled upon for some time. It’s hard to tell you about it in fear of ruining it for you if you jump in. Let’s just say that it is an evil boarding school mystery that goes so very much deeper than that. This franchise is going to be huge. It’s been selling out from the get go, but is only 4 issues deep. Everyone who read the first issue told their friends, and now we’re all competing for the next issue. It’s that good.

#3 I, Zombie

Putting a creative spin on the current zombie, vampire, werewolf craze can’t be easy, but it’s being done in this fun and interesting Vertigo title that started in 2010. Gwen is a zombie. She has to eat brains to stay alive. Good thing she has a job as a grave digger. Her best friends are a ghost and a were-terrier. (He turns into a giant dog) There are men in black and vampires terrorizing her city. What’s a hipster zombie to do?

#4 American Vampire

The biggest name in horror, Stephen King, presents a history of vampires in these United States. It’s a thrilling tale, about how the species evolved once state-side, and who they are. My first reaction was, “Ugh. Not another vampire series.” But I was wrong. They’re not even on their 10th issue yet, so it’s not too late to jump on board with this one either.

#5 Chew

Set in a world where all chicken and other bird meats are illegal, after a catastrophic outbreak of the bird flu that killed 23 million Americans, Chew centers on FDA agent Tony Chu, a police detective who is a “cibopath” (pronounced “see-bo-path”), who detects psychic impressions from whatever he eats. With one bite of, well, anything, he can see that item’s lifespan in intimate detail. Image comics has done a nice job of releasing graphic novel versions of this one, so it’s easy to start at the beginning. It’s funny, but rich with social commentary, as well as cringe-worthy grossness.

#6 Sweet Tooth

Set in a post-apocalyptic world, this Vertigo title is centers around the human/animal hybrids that start being born after a strange disease wipes out most of the populace. Our hero is Sweet Tooth, part boy, part deer. He may have been the first, if a dark and odd religious text the evil scientists have found is true. Or are they all that evil? Full of suspense and playful art, it’s been a very fun read as we get to the bottom of this very strange mystery.

#7 Avengers Vs. Pet Avengers

The premise is laughable, and they don’t hide from it, which makes it fun. Marvel’s team up of super-powered animals with Earth’s Mightiest Heroes is funny and action packed. With so much suckage going on in the superhero comics these days, this lighthearted romp is just what faithful comic book readers needed to remember that it’s all pretty silly anyhow.

#8 Gotham City Sirens

Part of the reason most superhero comic books suck right now is because nobody is actually writing them about the characters that are featured in the titles. Instead it’s just one silly adventure after another with as many bad guys as they can cram into the situation. That’s NOT what is happening in Gotham City Sirens. This title continues to tell adventure stories WHILE we get to know the three stars, Cat Woman, Harley Quinn and Poison Ivy. Best of all, these famous bad girls actually aren’t that bad at all. Even Ivy’s trying to turn over a new leaf. It’s interesting to me that a team comic title is doing what the solo titles are all scared to, write about the leads.

#9 X-Men: Curse of the Mutants

I swear, I’m not some Twilight fan boy who is all into vampires. In fact, it’s amazing that so many comics right now that I like feature them. I’ve always hated vampire comics until this year, except for one, Blade, and he gets canceled every time I start to really get into his series. So, I nearly never picked up this X-Men storyline. Vampires and Blade? I can’t stomach anymore vamps. And I can’t get all caught up in Blade again just to have Marvel rip the character away and leave stories unfinished. But I did. And it’s fun. The son of Dracula is targeting mutants to turn them into vamps so he can have a super-powered army to take over the world. Typical bad guy, superhero drama. But it’s been a fun ride through the Marvel universe, and my boy Blade is right at the center of it. And since it’s an X-title, we’re likely going to get to see this storyline finish.

#10 Green Arrow

Green Arrow / Oliver Queen is one of my all-time favorite superhero comic characters. With that said, the only reason his book made this list is the artwork. Like I mentioned throughout, a major problem with superhero comic titles right now, both in Marvel and DC, is that they’re not writing about the lead characters. In fact, they’re destroying many of them. Green Arrow is no exception. He’s always been the hippie Batman. Green Arrow was a rich playboy, who got stranded on an island, where he learned to be the world’s greatest archer. He had to fight drug dealers to get off the island. He took up crime fighting because he was rich and he could, but he always had a strong, liberal, moral center and inclination towards social justice. He’s a bit of a womanizer, but a good guy through and through. Well, not anymore. They had him kill a guy. He’s a murderer now. Living in some weird forest, while his company is being taken over by his father’s mistress who never existed in comic books until now. They’ve ruined one DC’s best characters. But, the art is really good, and I keep reading hopeful that he will wake up one issue and everything since Blackest Night has been a dream.

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