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Still Life With Warmonger

“If you’re honest, you sooner or later have to confront your values. Then you’re forced to separate what is right from what is merely legal. This puts you metaphysically on the run. America is full of metaphysical outlaws.”
― Tom Robbins, Still Life with Woodpecker

Funk-master general George Clinton of Parliment Funkadelic has the same last name as impeached President Bill Clinton and the former Secretary of State who is under FBI investigation Hillary Clinton. That last sentence, my first sentence in this piece, serves as an example of how easy it is to tie two unrelated items together with words. Words are tricky like that. They often have a hidden agenda.

In the last hours of Tuesday evening, April 5th in the year 2016, Hillary of clan Clinton sent out an electronic message to her followers instructing them to follow a new narrative. Senator Bernard Sanders from Vermont by way of Brooklyn was to be painted as having “blood on his hands” for endorsing rule of law. That will teach him to stop winning primaries.

Despite Bernie voting for every single gun control bill since the tragedy in Sandy Hook, Connecticut, Clinton and her supporters online and in the press decided that Senator Sanders is responsible for the bloodshed, as he didn’t feel comfortable making it legal to sue gun manufacturers when their legal products were used illegally. He suggested changing gun laws instead. Somehow, this is all of a sudden an outrage. I compare this as to if a drunk driver kills an innocent. We don’t let folks sue Chevrolet or Jim Beam. We arrest and prosecute the drunk drivers. Families are allowed to sue the drunk drivers personally. There’s lots of court involved, but none for the automobile manufacturer or the liquor distillery. Chevrolet and Jim Beam are safe from prosecution as they manufacture legal products. They don’t go to court when those products are used illegally. I have, however, consumed Jim Beam with several judges. They usually drove nicer cars than a Chevy. I’m much more pedestrian myself.

Clinton, full in the belly with hope that all of America has misplaced their critical thinking skills then doubled down on this imaginative slander by stating that the reason there is so much crime in New York City is that guns are flooding in from the State of Vermont. Her insinuation evolved from slandering Sanders for having “blood on his hands” for Sandy Hook to now somehow being responsible for every lick of crime in New York City. Her supporters ran with it. Had Batman been a Hillary Clinton supporter, he would have blamed the murder of his parents on Bernie Sanders and never gone on to fight crime. However, these claims by Hillary Clinton were as fictional as Batman himself.

Even one of her big supporters, Governor Peter Shumlin of Vermont was forced to go on television and admit that he was backing a liar. He tried to make it cute and folksy by saying that in campaign season, lies are totally cool, but couldn’t resist taking his own dig by blaming New York City for Vermont’s heroin problem. If politics were a board game it would be Candy Land. Nobody remembers the rules anymore. We’re pretty sure it glorifies foods that lead to disease and tooth decay, but it’s packaged in such bright colors we pretend it’s innocent.

Hillary Clinton is not innocent. Not only is she guilty of lies and dirty campaigning, if there is any politician in America who has blood on her hands, it is Hillary Clinton.

As you read this, Saudi Arabia is at war with Yemen. Well over 3,000 civilians have been killed in the last year. I mention this, because Saudi Arabia was one of the many nations who benefited from lucrative arms deals from Secretary of State Hillary Clinton after making a donation to her family. I feel it important to refer to these donations being to the Clinton family, and not the Clinton Foundation, as a major nonprofit watchdog organization once labeled the Clinton foundation as merely a slush fund. More than 90% of the proceeds are funneled as “administrative costs” to the family, staff and associates. They’ve since rolled back that accusation a bit because the Clintons say they are unique as to how they use those administrative funds. The watchdog group now just says they are unsure of the reputability of the Clinton Foundation. I am unsure as well. Quite unsure.

As the Panama Papers scandal is breaking, it’s important to remember that there are plenty of legal ways for people to launder money. Yes, it’s a major crime that 50% of the world’s wealth is tied up by these schemes. No, the people involved in the Panama Papers aren’t the only ones doing it. As Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton traded arms deals for donations. That’s factual.

Hillary Clinton, who once called the war on Iraq “a business opportunity for corporations,” also has a very shaded past with endorsing regime changes internationally, which potentially has caused the rise of ISIS. She is a harbinger of death to people worldwide. THAT is blood on the hands, folks, and is much more fair to say than her latest slander on Bernie Sanders.

I won’t entertain conspiracy theories like Benghazi or the Clinton body count and Vince Foster in this piece. I want to address the blood on her hands that has been vetted and proven, like in Honduras. As secretary of state, she orchestrated the 2009 illegal coup that ousted President Manuel Zelaya. Over 25,000 civilians have died since then. This is just one example of how Clinton’s love for regime change has spilled the blood of civilians world-wide.

Let me put my sarcasm hat on before typing my next sentence. It’s surely a coincidence that Hillary Clinton is the single politician who benefits most from donations from those in the arms industry. Republican nor Democrat labels apply here. When it comes to funding a pro-war candidate, the arms industry trusts Hillary Clinton. Now, just like manufacturing guns is an entirely legal industry, arms manufacturers are free to donate to the political system as they see fit to. I just think it’s telling who they overwhelmingly support.

Your author is now sick to his stomach. Michael Salamone should now probably pivot this missive in the direction of explaining how Hillary Clinton’s economic policies have also caused death and despair, and accuse her of also waging war on the poor. However, he’s just too ridden with guilt over the fact that in 1992 he worked to elect the Clintons into the White House. Perhaps he will find constitution for these economic arguments in another article, another day. In the meantime, you have internet access if you are reading this. Search engine usage is still free.

Enough third person; I have blood on my hands too, as I once volunteered to elect the Clintons, who have caused so much war and poverty world-wide that millions have died. I, for one, would like to atone for those sins. As long as there is air to be breathed from my lungs, I will speak out against the Clintons, and will never again support their using the American political system to fleece taxpayers on behalf of corporations and the agenda of war.

Why isn’t any of this on the news every night? I propose that because the Clintons pushed through the Media Reform Act, which allowed for the six monopolies who own almost all of the media in our country, those companies are likely paying the Clintons back. They smear her opponent, give her twice as much coverage as her opponent, and don’t even cover massive stories like how the Democratic Party is disenfranchising Sanders supporters from participating in Democracy. Many of us believe that the Democratic Party is now a wholly-owned subsidiary of the Clinton machine. Pro-tip: anything underlined links to the evidence or articles containing the evidence. Unlike the artful smears of the Clinton machine against Bernie Sanders this week, I want to offer you information which supports my claims and opinions.

While I will forever now advocate against and vote against the Clinton machine, I am most grateful that 2016 brought forward a true Progressive candidate to run against them. I have someone to vote FOR while I vote against the Clinton machine. As I type this, Bernie Sanders has won more States at this stage of the primary season than Barack Obama did when he ran against Hillary Clinton. He has more delegates than Obama did then too. Hillary Clinton is not our President. If Americans still have critical thinking skills, she never will be.

Michael Salamone

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