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Things are about to get Broken

I’ve been working on a project for sometime that is finally about to hit, a new album, Broken News.  There are 18 full-length songs, all with lyrics, so you might call it a double-album. My dear friend Brian Rovegno helped me produce it, and sings on a track. Another dear friend Ian Thompson raps on a track. Another dear friend Paul LaPlaca plays guitar on a track he also produced.  There are some other guests as well.  I reached out for help because I wanted this to be my best album. And I think it is.


I’m pretty sure this will be my last album. I know you’re never supposed to say never, but I think anything I do in the future will just be singles. Maybe a greatest misses type album will come in the future. I’ve kind of wanted to remix and remaster some of the old stuff.  But, as for new records go, I think I broke the mold with Broken News.


I’ll be promoting it pretty heavy. I will be begging you to use any unused iTunes gift-cards you have laying around. I’ll be doing my best to sell some downloads of this record.  I need to. And I hope that you’ll support me. I’ve been focus grouping the thing with friends, and I’m told that you should enjoy your purchase as well. So, I hope that you will and do.


Anyhow, the thing is done and has been passed on to all of the places digital music gets sold and streamed.  So an announcement that the record is out could happen anytime this month.  I hope that you’ll check it out.


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